Dead Bride
4:29 132 2 9 лет
История создания
Записана на Рок-н-ролл студии (Москва, Бомбоубежище), сведено Дмитрием Добрым. автор текста: NORTTI композитор: KREMED Записано группой Morbid Violence в составе: Nortti - муж. вокал Elisabat - жен. вокал Kremed - гитары Krock - барабаны Samael - бас Cora - клавиши Anathema - скрипки Thanatos - виолончель
Winds Of Madness
The Dead Bride Without the violence, without the blood You're dieing of pain. There is neither love nor happiness Everything is in dream... There is neither savior nor peace You've lost everything without a fight. Life is dead. Sinfull. Soulless Pale like on the church-porch. It's so solitary around you The whole world is dead to you. But in a burst of nervious madness You desire to take a razor blade And your lips won't even move To die more quit. Angels are having along the 8th round of hell And this is your reward There is no more place for suiciders in heaven And nobody needs dead bride on earth. You're dead, what have you obtained? Just a dust on you cold mirrors As if you've borned again Pain remained in the clouds. Your heart is beating again But in surrounded by dream And it's so cold to stay on place There is no warmth in Hell. You live in wonderful dream Partaking sounds of music But your window is dark And there is no conceived paradise. Nortti 2004