Living Dead Community
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Desperate fatality Fictional reality Belief in immortality You will never see the skies Paranormal paradise Of the merciless butchery Rotten flesh is only meal Otherwise you have to kill Only hunger is real Starving creature in the night Living in the damned site Nature and atrocity CHORUS: Pain and torture When claws tear the veins Blood flows from the body You enjoy his pain Bloodthirsty leads you You are full of hate Murder and slaughter Is the key to the gate Order of depravity In this world of vanity Breeder of insanity Temple of the damned souls Shadows from the deepest hole Altar of inhumanity Institution of a sin Darkness will invite you in The living dead community Mercy is what's left behind Single thought is in your mind This is your reality CHORUS All my former life All my passed days You believed it's the superstition The life of living dead But they exist Undead called zombies The life becomes nightmare The man becomes the beast Liquid called blood Flows out of the body The inhuman things You listen attentively the moans of the dying The pain is unbearable Reflecting your centers of pleasure There is dark and cool You're drinking the blood beyond measure CHORUS