Be Sure
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BDSM. Для Азарики:) Как и обещала:))
Be sure I'm not gonna kill you Just want to thrill you Once more. Be sure I'm not gonna harm you I want to charm you Like I did before But a little more I don't want to stain you with wounds and mars But every time your skin gets several new scars Every time my soul gets several new aches I don't wonder that we need that long cold breaks long cold breaks If you want me to bind you in fetters That's even better, I will. If you want to offer resistance To keep a distance - that's right, that will improve my skill. I don't want to hurt you again and again I only hope that you will feel a shade of my pain I hope you understand that every lash is a game maybe you don't think so but it all the same to me. I won't set you free.