Street Dancer
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Too Late
I saw you in the morning Once dancing in the street. And crowd was dropping coins Under your magic feet. I gave you twenty dollars: “Please, dance with me, princess”. You've smiled just so mysterious And said: "Alright, let's dance". You took my hand, and made the bend, We've turned around - my feet couldn't feel the ground. What can I do? I'm like a child! You rock me like a hurricane, you rock me wild! Street Dancer - let's rock'n'roll I wanna dance with you day and night. Rock me wild, like a hurricane It makes me feel alright! If I were your producer You'd soon become a star We'd make with you much money Be driven on smart car. Most people would admire When seeing you on the stage Your face would be at every Magazine’s glossy page. You have agreed. Now you aren’t free We are together making business - you and me. Now you're the star. Have no more bars. "So, I don't need you anymore" - you said to me... It is a real sensation A young girl became a star in one day. She gives you a really passion She drives everyone insane! She was a poor dancer, She’s been dancing in the street She asked herself: “How to live the next day?” But here is an answer - The rich producer you have to meet. The story was like that, believe me, She met him by a chance. It was the thing she’s been just dreaming Now all the world will see her dance