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Poetic Licence 2000
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Duck in the death kingdom of religious fanaticism, concealed old-believers in the undergrounds and in desolated woods. Concealed the corpses of children whose parents were blessed with fire of self-immolation. The monks and nuns fast till swoons and pray till death, but it is of their own accord? Now they "dead for world". Old-believers bury each other, grievously bearing empty coffins to country graveyards. For corporal "crapple" graveyard - empty coffin, the dead old-believer - to cryptic pits near small and secluded monastery. "Sacrament of self violence" passed under following order. Women showed out from dugouts. They were enrobed with long rude shirts. Their faces were grey and exanimate like canvas from their shirts. Before adaptation of martyr coronet ten-day starvation was stand on their feet heavily. The nuns supported them carefully. Christophore marched ahead procession proudly. Victims were leaded to swampy pits and detruted to dirty, rotten liquid. If they haven't drowned promptly Christophore's assistant sink their heads into the water or ludgel. Death bears fanatic and perverted character. Many of them opposed forcibly, tried to get out, now a few were 20-25 years, chidren were also there… The grandfather takes in small and secluded monastery his own grandchild who was 8 years old. Christophore sank him in an ice-hole saying after "Look, the boy accomplished a feat to get empyreal coronets". The bodies of "accepted coronets" were sewed in mats and buried without any crosses. In winter when swamps and rivers had frozen, girls were burnt alive in bath-houses or poisoned. "Ready for the ordeal are Renouncement from laic affair and consecrate themselves for the prayers and fast. Just think if advent reached when you fell from grace?! It is better to die you yourself and not to gamble by great bliss for heaven! Put to death yourself and you will be saved, and if love your children - kill them also because they can become Antichrist's Admirers!", the bastard said.Christophore was the provider of the most peculiar traditions of old-believers - self-voilence!