The unknown angels
3:53 25 2 14 лет
Poetic Licence 2000
Blacksmith prod.
Ancient best beauty is among meagre trees and neverending gravestones.Only here entrancing glint of sad moon is shouting.Silence grows for endless sorrow of beings that say goodbye to strange life. In this mysterious place there is birth, one can walk alone with pain in heart, all cheers are deeply in the ground. The cemetary lives catching silent cry eating distress and despair. Beatiful black shroud catches your sight. You came to this world alone when all disallowed. Lacerate yourself with recollections untill they come to help you.Listen to silence, night air scents your sorrow, they feel it, they are here already, nearby you. They looked after you from the moment you cried nearby gravestone. They take your hands and walk among other tombs telling the story for everyone. They are so beatiful but you can't see them, they're so kind but they eat your sorrow. Be freehearted with them and they will not deceive you, they love you when you suffer, they'll show the way. At home you'll fear, you'll pick your sheets, you'll not be able to sleep, you should go there! They pity your soul there, charming the voyage for loss. They'll show you him. No, you are not going mad, they are real. Ordinary man coming on a place of mourning doesn't see them. They'll appear near the sorrow when the loss cuts like a knife into the heart when loss strangles and makes desolate. They'll free your soul impressing hopeless. But you'll not fear it they're so kind and gentle. They smell sweet, speak prettily invoking "leave,leave" forever. Come back here till you understand how they're right and it's no reason to live. They'll be with you when you deicide, they want you for kindness. There is one more grave here.