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Георгий Тележко (мелодия и перевод стихов)
История создания
История простая: понравились стихи Татьяны Забелиной "Альбатрос" (http://www.stihi.ru/2009/01/06/223) - я написал музыку, потом сделал перевод на английский, а потом другую аранжировку той же мелодии.
1. Just never making start from the ground, You fly up in the sky from a cloud of dreams, 'Cause your own doubts are not to be found, 'Cause your lifestyle is always like this. Refrain: I will disclose one thing: how to save one's spirit. Let it remain a secret of mine and yours. No trap or net can catch a bird, Whirling above the white seas for years! Still you want to know, where to get the wings, Needing to glide like an albatross, oh, my hero. They've been gifts of God to his beloved With no objection for thousands of years. 2. When they throw dirt to your snow-white feathers, When sharp stones fly straight to your breast, You will squeeze your teeth and hold your groan, Your eyes dropping diamonds, you doing your best... Refrain.