I needed you (rough)
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Кузьмин Денис Николаевич
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(Verse1) When I look at paintings collected here, I can see the emptiness that lives in me. I pretend that everything is just fine, Listen to the echoes of a lonely mind. (Bridge) And then I Look at you. How could I Deny the truth? (Chorus) What I haven’t bought To fill my heart, Pictures on the walls And plastic art. Last time I went out To find something new, My senses led me to you. Now I know that I needed you. (Verse2) I feel any light in my home won’t be bright. I feel like I will never taste any tear. I planned every day and most of my life. Thought it was my way, but it’s hard to hide… (Bridge) I’m burning Out of control. I’m falling So fast and slow. (Chorus) … (Bridge) (Chorus)