Ride Without End
4:21 8 0 7 лет
Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
Над треком работали
Татьяна Каневская, Елена Каневская, Сергей Никоноров, Дмитрий Штатнов
The Door to a Parallel World
Wanderers Records
Wandering alone among rocks morose and sheer Sullen forests, rivers and hills His cloak is weather-stained, but his voice is strong and clear, The power of a king it reveals. Ride along, o Elendil's heir! Let the fresh wind take weariness away, Your sword is sharp, your heart is fair, Who knows where you'll meet the coming day? The horns call for a war, evil forces have awaken, Torches light the blackness of night. Sacred ties of friendship never will be shaken, Helping in the desperate fight. Just hold on, o Elendil's heir! Don't give up hope, the dawn will soon arise! Its first rays will play in your hair, And kindle again the fire in your eyes. Ride along, o Elendil's heir! Through joy and peril, world without end, Out of time, no one guesses where, A marvellous vision in the fading land.