CHITO - The Long Tomorrow [maxi version]
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Chito / Magic Studio / Michael Nolen
Vocal & back-vocal: Chito, Music: Magic Studio (A.Vlasov), Text: M. Nolen, Mastering: A. Vlasov
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очень скоро ожидается релиз макси-сингла "The Long Tomorrow"
Super Magic Records
The Long Tomorrow (Michael Nolen) Feeling the pain inside You’re crying Tears falling down tonight You’re trying Only to hide your pride Cause no one mustn’t it see Praying for greatest dream Waiting for getting it in real But darling can you be sure That it will come true? This never can be! You’re waiting for the long tomorrow, Going to bring no pain and no sorrow, Hoping to get it better than yesterday Waking up in tomorrow’s morning Then everything makes you disappointing Giving up, lose your heart day after day Day after day… Friends of yours can advice All desires have its price Don’t tell me That everything will be great For me it’s poisonous words Waiting for moment sweet Still in heart always hope to keep But darling do you continue to sure That someone hear your thoughts?