Shaitan in my house
3:28 41 2 14 лет
Альтернативный рок
Над треком работали
Eugene, Насос, Голова, БЮ
Этно-татарская колбаса
История создания
Песня была написана без участия гитариста(Голова) и долгое время была "баловством". Но внезапно тема прокачалась и мы решили песняк записать...
SHAITAN IN MY HOUSE He comes to torture me Lights my obscurity I'm not my former self Spirits ruining my health My wicked genii Force me to stop the fight Making my spirits sunk And my whole existence drunk Once again he leans against my front door Checks me wrecks me kills me now and then Can't imagine how I existed before Without a bottle and a glass in my hand Shaitan in my house Makes me dance, makes me bounce Gloom and oblivion Are his criteria He breeds my hopeful dreams Castles in the air they seem I will be left alone Foreseen and forlorn His worms will eat me out His acts go round and round