Love is perfect,love is kind(featThe HBC & Moscow Saints)
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Vova-J & The HBC & Moscow Saints
Love is perfect,love is kind it isn`t just a peace of mind love is something you need to give it`s something you need to live love is great it`s ups and downs that doesn`t mean that`s not around love is nice what you want you see what love is all about... You"re my wings when I must fly you"re my tears when I must cry you"re my eyes when I am blind you"re my soul when I lose mine you"re my earth when I"m in space you"re my cover when I must face you"re my legs when I can"t walk you"re my mouth when I can"t talk you"re my strength when I am weak you"re my voice when I can"t speak you"re my sun when I see cloud you"re my silence when all is loud...