Jester Jesus
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Posthumous Blasphemer
Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation
I am indifferent that you are the son of god You ‘re an ideal for all sheep on this rotting earth You put on a white dress and bleat something about salvation Scare people in front of god, but for me you are jester I am free from these ideas You are mockery for us All your life is jester show Kill yourself with your prejudice You want compassion You are the son of god aren’t you? But you must be tormented on the cross You needed tears of sheep that had lost Thanks to your deceitful apostles Your ideas came to us But this dust is not for me All your followers will be blasted People must understand your torments This is your philosophy You took sins with your own death Your cross is a mockery Why must we listen to your commandments? It is imbued with shit You want to get your own slaves of faith Giving them fish and bread I can’t accept with the gravity this shit Fuck you and don’t you stand near my heart You are simply a defaced carrion That wants to be a superstar among sheep