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Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
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Олег Дьяконов, Людмила Шрамко, Евгений Кузнецов
TIME! This planet has to satisfy all our daily wants For water, food and warmth, for place to live, For precious metals, stones, timber, leather, down and furs For every other thing that it can give. Chorus When the Earth is forced to lose its patience after all, “Time!” – We’ll hear the verdict in the threatening thunder growl. “Time!” And at the moment we’ll account for every crime. Time! There’s no way to the future! (Time!) This planet’s breast is thickly covered with the piles of trash, Its body’s doubled up in aching pain. Its lungs are full of city smoke, of heavy dust and ash, Its eyes are shedding tears of acid rain. This planet’s shaken with the tramp of military boots, With violent shooting bursts, exploded bombs. It cannot figure out the sense of evil and its roots, It’s tired of that all and only moans. This planet recollects that happy life without mankind, When virgin nature reigned and air was clean, Some day the Earth will leave its doubts behind and try to find The means to make us play a final scene!