Can't deny it
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Maria Maria
look out ya window, whatcha see, can you tell me? every day it all get worse, where is the end? will we ever understand we need to change that, make it so that our kids don't need to feel that bad. listen to some guy and find out what's his problem? does he really have a real chance to solve it? or are you so about you that you don't give a damn or will you say its all his fault and he is just a weak man? we always fight for the rights, our space to get locked inside people crying, people dying-you see this wicked surface and you can't deny it. no feelings for the mankind, with the only purpose to fight each day you hear that, another killing so shall we stop this awful game before we face the world's end. so whatchado when u can't reply when u have no chance to say it right when you are so weak to act the way you like and you listen to the things they lie we all dying, we hear us crying, that's a killing truth and you cant' deny it. just stop and think whatcha gotta do, can you sacrifice- a new proof to you can you give your life to keep a kid alive through the pain and tears will you be a guide whatever we touch is bound to die pretend you don't see but you can't deny it. stop blaming others for the things that are happenin cuz you are free to choose and to do something will we ever be so brave to find the way out? changing all the circumstances in which we live now? what we need is to search for solution to do real things but not making illusion or are we so about us that we don't give a damn and are we really blind or we'll still pretend?