My Heart is Calling
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Над треком работали
Eugene Titkov, Eugene Komarov
original album version
История создания
Lastly, track 10, My Heart is Calling was founded in feb. 2007. At its creation in draft form, with the arrangements and selected sounds, it took no more than 2 hours to form. The music was born, as if from nowhere Eugene Titkov says, "I came to the studio after my main job. We drank some brandy and I became exhausted and fell asleep". Eugene played music together for something. Upon awakening, I said - Why are we not doing music? What prevents us? That's cool! Was immediately set up a theme has acquired sounds. My soul soared and sang - my heart is calling you! ". Initially it was natural intro track with laconic bass and funky effects. But then Eugene Komarov suggested that even a bass and a song, as if acquired a sliding drive. Eugene Titkov said: "It was a track where I put my voice. As a result, was born at no similar manner to which I am proud of." This is a song - a symbol of the city of romance, of strength and beauty of love, entwined with the harmony of the urban world, in which she was born and lives.
Fine! Shine!
e-gens studio
City calls you where the sun Melts a tar and hearts burn down You hear its pant as magic chant There where needs to fight for life Streets flows bear you to thrive Where dreams die and anew revive Please Gather, while city sleeps, don’t stop Please, rise The way is for the present free You are hearing my heart is calling you now Please Let my heart beat so deep No doubt Please, come You hear it, while city sleeps You are hearing my heart is calling you now We shall meet where wires ting There where motors dance the swing For now, here it is quiet We shall meet where skies are mute They are guards of secret route And my heart is calling you Written by Eugene Titkov