Holy Dreams
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Eugene Titkov, Eugene Komarov
this song is #5 from upcoming album (2012)
upcoming album (2012)
e-gens studio
Then you were there where I couldn't be I fought somewhere to be free And I believed that I could not cheat thee We did not know, but waited for The dream to touch us like before Together we would go on taboo path once more And then has come one of those days It seems I see your passing trace I hear tears fall down in another maze And as in dreams, in those old dreams We are in heaven like bright beams And light of shooting star is helping us it seems We long through space and through lifetimes We drink the tears. We eat the grimes. It is here that we make all our crimes As in those holy dreams we had We keep the fight, though we have bled We are together when no one else there can get Before we were in distant worlds I fought for you with broken swords And you rejected pleasures and rewards Written by Eugene Titko