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All that she wants
3:08 45 0 6 лет
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История создания
Трек был создан в августе 2011 года .
She was alone in her little world - and No one bothered her. Being there for long time she wasn`t used to that she could have much more R. All that she wants - to be happy But she does nothing to make it happen she spends years in her fairy world But the expectations will never work All the friends she invented Secrets which she protected All the things she wants to hide In this perfect world they will never die ____She will never know what she wants 2. Sometimes she feels so lonely In this heap of her thoughts. BUT How could it be otherwise `course She`s all along in her world Her perfect world ! B. She used to believe That her world is reall She`d rather hide here along Than warry `bout life`s ado Other ways she doesn`t know.