"Beaching Blues"
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Над треком работали
A.Lyskov, I.Ionidi
История создания
Трек записан группой моего ученика Юрия Иониди в Лос Анджелесе, в январе 2012 года.
BEACHING BLUES text and music A.Lyskov 1. At night we roam at the beath Severe Nord Ost us badly reach. Over me, And over you. Somewhere crunching is a bark Melancholy tune sounds in dark Beaching blues, Beaching blues. Refrain: You are my phantom wind and rain, You are my crying string - loving main. Beaching blues, Beaching blues. 2. We only dreaming of the rest In sparkling stars buzzing the waves. In soul pangs, The wolfish howl. But just the melody of rain Flies wind from me, And from you – Flies away! Refrain: Translate by Zinaida Podolskaya. Novorossiysk 12.11.2011