The Iron Constructions (3D-point RawHard mix)
4:20 27 0 7 лет
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Шура Фоминых, 4.44
Ремикс от 3D-point на песню группы THE QUINSY
Scarlett transformations Within destroyed and morbid Fucked up to the awful state brains. What provides you with sinnocent visions Constructed the way You can't follow again? Turn off, turn off the overturned illusions Confusing your insomniac mind. Anguine pathes leading scatteredly And filling up the space all around. Can't break out The iron construstions. Floating expectations Of somewhat unexperienced Dissolving hopes Expand nothingness of our little figures Caught inside black holes. We're falling down, Slowly entangling our voices Along pulsating slopes. No time. No way out. No hands to hold. Can't break out The iron constructions. A wind-smoking Mushroom-oriented Night. Remember to switch off All the lights inside... (M. Himmelsweit & 4.44)