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No Time Better Than Right Now
Magic ===== A1: ----- On a carousel of towns Hectic days and lonely nights. I've been seeing your face in Neon lights... 'Cause I miss you And it's killing me to know That I'm here and You're home... PreB1: -------- But there comes a day (when) It doesn't matter anyway. I can feel your love Every minute, I'm away - It's magic A2: ----- Planes are slipping through the clowds In the rays of setting sun - Sight I'll never see again. I'm done. 'Cause you told me That you need me by your side. And you left me To decide. PreB2: --------- But there comes a day (when) It doesn't matter what you say - I can feel the strain (?) Every time you look away. Ref: ------ Your love's the magically vanishing kind Though at the time it seemed so real. Now that it's gone I'm losing my mind Over the things you say to me - So low, So cold, So wrong... Is this what you are? So go! Don't hold. So long... I know you'll go far. Bridge1: ----------- Don't ask me why 'Cause I just tried To learn the truth Of you and I You were trying to hide. Bridge2: ----------- And get a life And try and make it on your own. The truth is I Can't fake it 'cause the magic's gone.