White Noise Radio (2012г)
8:24 74 1 6 лет
Психоделический рок
студия творческого центра Бочко А.
White noise radio 1. Hear what they said? Hear what they said of a lover of rich man? Hear what they say, Hear what they say, all the same 2. Can you feel them bleed? Can you feel them bleed with the lies that they believe Can you see them die? You see them die with new reason every time 3. I believe your lies Willing to define Freedom of your speech Wins the one who’s rich I believe your lies Willing to define Freedom of your speech Wins the one who’s rich Radio: “Man killed by falling wheel” “Drivers rage over parking protest” “People condemn Stalin era massacre” “Death by advertising on Moscow streets” “Indonesian transsexuals freed from sex slavery” “Russia and Japan lock horns over islands” “Rejected orphan returns from Dominican republic” “Corruption campaign sparked bank raid” “Georgian politician found dead in Moscow” 4. New and currencies Found for any taste How can I resist God bless you exist Show me new and fun From the world around Don’t want to revolt I believe that noise Radio: “Choosing a name for a pet is a serious business, and Prime Minister has asked the people to give him advice on it. “Everyone can send his or her ideas on a male name for the new Prime Minister’s dog through his website,” the announcement said. A special section has been added to the list of message subjects, and from now on puppy name suggestions can come alongside questions on the Russian Constitution, safety issues, international relations and some other mostly legislative queries. All name proposals will be assessed according to the Federal Law within 10 days, provided the sender submits his or her full name and address. The online form on the website also requires filling out social status, region, sex and nationality fields. Although the announcement is addressed to Russian citizens, foreigners can also send their online message to Putin in any language.