Out Of The Blue'2012 [Systems In Blue cover]
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R.Kohler / M.Scholz / D.Wiedeke / T.Widrat
::: Out Of The Blue Nights in paradise You left the rainbow of emotion Love has million eyes Oh I?m feeling like a child On a ship of fools I never trust the silent ocean Life can be so cruel I miss the way you smile Sail my love through heavy weather Mend my broken dream Don?t lose your deep desire In the fire storm A tragedy – it?s a tragedy Babe I lose my heart and sanity A tragedy – come back to me Babe I?ll love you ?til eternity Every day – every night – when I cried I was down – Babe it can?t be denied And all of a sudden you came back tonight Early morning sky I?m walking down the streets of sorrow Only God knows why Will I ever lose my laugh Melancholy day Just crazy guys will stay tomorrow Frozen tears in May One summer ain?t enough Sailing ships will fly to heaven Take my love again Don?t lose your deep desire In the fire storm