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Биография Balance Rap (CHuvackiy Balance) Grupa CHuvackiy Balance rap was formed two рэперами In 1997.In composition групы entered the three pair-one beginner di-джей and two MC.Balance rap leader of the group 1980г.The Births. And MC-ZHeka Winchester 1979г births.In such composition have written the first demo-album under name "Pornography" in 1997.In he beat 12 tracks.The First its creation alibom"Pornografiya" has written the building,ed the рэпом in старшем the school age and in consequence themselves have got busy REPOM -We never put before itself purpose to become the popular group and did not do that acknowledged only standard,alibom"Pornografiya"na кесете in большенстве cassette with these record circulated the pirates, at this stage CHuvackiy Balance rap started to bomb their own трэками Internet-elbowrooms,do the joint трэки with рэпперами from the other city,countries Canto groups touch the subjects to lifes of the miscellaneous sense trek"derimovyy zhiznyak"poyavilisi appearances,on street,did not exist the censorships, sang about all and on all.For group was bolted stamp "like that of a hooligan rep"О big scene CHuvackiy Balance rap do not dream,perceive their own зачитки as hobby,as vent from sulphur byta.na second year група writes second alibom"Bitva dinozavrov"vyshedshiy autumn on leyble" suzukan-Recordz " CHuvackiy Balance rap emerge in local club Treki this album spread in интернете with mad skorostiyu. second album has suffered much changes, both in quantitative,and звучание composition ed in qualitative expression and semantic directivity text.The Album noticeably differs from previous релиза in music plan evaluated all, who had a possibility to hear him(it) long before official reliza. disks spread basically music piratami chuvackiy Balance rap has deserved enormous popularity not commercial way,Group, просуществовашая most to lifes on pirate аудиокассетах and disk,has conquered the present furror amongst plain folks On row with serious,life track(дерьмовий жизняк,рэп this style,were a skim clips their own power mostly they spread through internet left the enormous amount pirate рэп collection tracks(the Girl,kastet)Kompilyaciya track notable its variety.Afterwards unexpectedly group collapsed.Disappeared quite from type for several years in that year Possible to say,were a heavy periods in lifes But in 2002 came up for Runete project Balance rap on essences consisting of it одног,certainly,creative way itself began several earlier.So own biography,as such,beside project little.Balance rap випустил its solo alibom"Kiberubiyca"na leyble" suzukan-Recordz[SSmozlo prod.] "Album consisted of 16 original tracks,written at period with 99 on 2002 god.i republished in winter 2006 on лейбле "Holcedon-Recordz"
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