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Артур Байрамгалин

Artur Bayramgalin fuses smooth and acid jazz, new age and chillout, electronic and folk creating a new sound in the contemporary music world.
Легкий джаз Эйсид-джаз Нью-эйдж Фьюжн Этно-фьюжн
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Artur Bayramgalin was born in 1974 in Ufa (Russia). As son of popular Ufa artist, Artur was destined towards music at an early age. At the age of 22, Artur made a name for himself on the Russian music scene performing with many of top artists. During recent years Artur has been working with his own projects as well as performing with artists. Artur Bayramgalin fuses smooth and acid jazz, new age and chillout, electronic and folk creating a new sound in the contemporary music world. In 2009 Artur recorded his debut album Interro Island in the Breezz Studio, Ufa and fostered his music in all jazz-networks and communities. "The combination of local music with the smooth jazz style, which makes Artur Bayramgalin's debut album Interro Island unique and unforgettable. A real enrichment for the music world". A rave review about this album is to find at smooth-jazz daily Artur Bayramgalin's sophomore album is entitled Electric Breezz and released in 2010. Electric Breezz reveals more facets of this great guitarist. Artur is always good for a surprise. Really innovative soundscapes. smooth-jazz daily Artur's third album Perfect Day (2014) offers an incredible richness of musical ideas in the region of new age, world music and electronica. If you push aside the thought of the genres, remains great music that inspires. smooth-jazz daily With his album My Seasons (2015) Artur Bayramgalin orchestrates the progression of the year in his very own way accompanied by a number of highly skilled solists this album is a true masterpiece of Lounge music with a touch of European and Asian folk and worldmusic. Now available on Tiger Grass Records (a sub-label of Lemongrassmusic) in most download stores worldwide ! Artur now comes up with his brand new album Let’s Talk (2017) on the freshly founded Lemongrassmusic sub-label „Lemon Jazz Records“.This album is a true masterpiece of contemporary Jazz with catchy melodies, cool grooves, some electronic elements and an overall positive spirit. Label: Lemon Jazz Records Artur also a member of Ethno-Fusion group "Suraman", and producer of the new electronic project - "Breezz Studio".
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Interro Island 2009


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