En.Tsfauna has found their own unique, cinematic sound; this is a good one, particularly if you consider it’s a debut album.(c)
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About En Tsfauna En Tsfauna was formed in 2012 in Tel Aviv. At first we called ourselves 7’s trio. We were largely influenced by the English rock of the 70s(Led Zeppelin and King Crimson). A year later the first own compositions were included in the concert program. The band plays in a new genre of cinematic rock or, to put it simply, video rock. Focusing the listener’s attention on the story the band forces the visual part to become more vivid and real. Listener is watching an audio movie being involved into the action. Daniel Fokin, as a leader of the group creates all the arrangements, writes songs and lyrics. He is a lead singer and a bassist of the band. He began studying music at the age of 7, he achieved some success performing at various stages of Russia more than 300 times. At the age of 13 and 14 he became the winner of some festivals, went to Berlin and New York for the music forums. At the age of 15 he immigrated to Israel. Nicolas Dotro is a guitarist, who was born in Buenos Aires, where honed guitar skills by listening to bands like AC/DC and Gun's' n roses. He also played in different Argentinean groups touring Israel. Alexander Guberman - drums. Having traveled half the world, he decided to settle down in Israel and began to play in En Tsfauna. Alexander likes all the best - the best sound, the best approach, the best music and recording. The first band album was born mainly thanks to his efforts and zealousness.
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