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Кредит под залог квартиры solar spangles flickred the lake, from a firn drenched with cold, from the close rock — heat of a heated stone. They have not managed to reach the middle of a snow slope кредит под залог квартиры, in a kochevya of a vzlayal
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The fighting roar has escaped directly from forty throats. Having reached an edge of a firn, soldiers have jumped off on gray lakeside pebble and have directed to кочевью кредит под залог квартиры, cutting Tuvinians an exit to the valley. Several women were swept up between yurtas, have rushed was to the coast of the lake, then to a rocky ridge. Towards to attacking the armed men in the long girded dressing gowns and sharp felt headings have jumped out. "Devil, how many them here!" Enemies (whoever were local, now they are deadly enemies for Andrey) and the truth have turned out a bit too much for a pastushesky camp though they obviously did not expect attack from this party кредит под залог квартиры. With a clang of metal and wolf growl Kyrgyz have grappled with local — in the warm green valley, under the spacious windy sky nearly one hundred Asians were cut. Fight began to be displaced quickly to кочевью, reserving the killed and wounded, then was divided into several groups which battled between yurtas. Andrey has seen the Master who fenced by the Chinese method — a curve saber, without stopping, described cycles. The beaten-out axes scattered, the chopped peaks кредит под залог квартиры, wounded uryankh grabbed the cut hand, but all survived. They, however, right there were finished by Kyrgyz, but the Chinese has killed nobody yet.
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Andrey fought quietly, with the clear head — has not rolled any "madness of wind" on it. For group fight he has chosen a combination of two "external кредит под залог квартиры" Chinese styles to a kunf — sharp short movements, slightly bending a body in "a step lame", from time to time doing long attacks in "style of the drunkard". Though he was also not an expert on "external" styles, such tactics has worked — without horses undersized bandy-legged uryankh moved clumsily, fenced badly so to fight with them has not constituted big work. Sabers have clanked, Andrey has struck here, has beaten off there кредит под залог квартиры, fast zigzags has passed through fight, having come to be at an entrance to a yurta. "Perhaps the boy here" — he has thought, having glanced inside, and here before eyes the long curved knife has flashed.
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