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"I wanna love & I wanna believe". It's about our InnerLife, the way we feel, think & express ourselves. The Journey we're all passing through. Why am I saying all this? I'm saying this because my music is a product of life experience, desire to help and to share. Since I was a teenager and had a tough time, I shared myself a lot with the music of such artists like Robert Miles, Jars of Clay, Enigma, late Pink Floyd, many wonderful film scores and etc... It was some kind of therapy for me. At that time I started to write my own songs and music, I realized & decided for myself to create a music ,that might become an environment for many where people may share their pain & hurts, thoughts, feelings and all the things we have inside of us. This is the way the project "InnerLife" was born. As for music it's hard for me to define the genre of my music, because Music is a wonderful instrument to deliver the message and sometimes I need piano with classical strings, sometimes I need hard electronic sound with rock music elements. It's just depends on what I am going to say., is it about dream or is it about hate or is it about questions in your head and so on. I hope very much you'll appreciate my works. Thank you.
Sergey Konstantinovich Chubinsky - Orlov Директор
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Sergey Chubinsky (Orlov) - Born on 15 August 1980, native of Obninsk, Russia. Started to play music as a keyboard player in his 15 in the small town jazz-rock band,south of Ukraine. In 1997 the whole family immigrated to Israel and Sergey put his interest in Electronic Music, but never could find himself in the specific genre of music & continued to study other genres & new artists. In 2003 graduated college as a practical software engineer. For now Sergey continues to work on his album "Pilgrim's Mirror part I", writes music for web sites, looking for wiriting music for small student's movies & studying orchestration & composition. Interests: History + (alternate) ,Philosophy, Psychology & Religions.
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