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Joseph (aka Keenan Twice) ------------------------------- музыка: с 2001 года продюссирование: Shadow's Dreams соло: All sinners college (2007) Even (2006) People Dance (2005) поэзия: Shadow's Dreams (all lycirs) ремиксография: madonna remixed by joseph 2006-2007 (ремиксы доступны http://keenan.pdj.ru)
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My history begins from 2001. That was the start-year for Shadow's Dreams - my main production - and especially for me, this was an awaking time for both of us. So we got started from nothing but a piano, a scrap-book and my PC with amateur music soft. Day by day we put some words together into phrases and sentences, and very soon we held our first lyrics and our first track to record. I just remember, the track was titled "Autumn dance" and some years later we rerecord it to the right sound. At that time I began to write lyrics on my own and first of them were taken by one rock-band and performed by Natt. And we realized that all we need was us to do what we wanted to do. In 2002 I started mixing my own instrumental tracks, experiencing with all the styles I heard and getting inspiration from everywhere around. Track, two, about 10 demos, 20, more and the idea to collect and compile 'em into the first long play just came from nothing. And the spring '03 was marked by "Sleam.me" album, mix of trip-hop and IMD and eventhough I couldn't stop at concrete style or stream, it just gave me more inspiration to go it on. So Shadow's Dreams gathered to record their first CD. The summer 2003 brought us "Box of Illusion" made with dance, psychodelic and ethnic sound with complete lyrics and vocal parts. It included such undelible traces for us as "Lifestripe", "Seashore", "A place to hise" and some others that we decided to rerecord the album and make it more electronic. At that period I was just stoned by electro-sound and wrote some more new-sounding things to complete that edition. "Slower" was released by December '03 and there we tried to show us from some other sides than in the "Box of Illusion" CD, we took sex and love and brought them into "Slower" with all our sensuality. It gave us "Anticipating creep", "Slower" - title track and it goes without saying that "Chocolate love" became a real hit demanded. 2004. We made a ballad compilation of rerecorded instrumentally old tracks and renew it with some exclusive. I can say, that it was a really interesting and exciting experience, because usually I produce Shadow's Dreams, write music and lyrics but then we spend lots of time at studio playing the piano and composing new motives and tunes just like 3 years ago. "By heart", produced by Natt and most unexpected by others, it is a genious creation of orchestral sound, amazing melodics and upside-down old-new songs. And right after such a "slow-down album" we got to the studio again with new ideas and new energy to add. As a result - "Eternal Dream" was out in August with more tough electro-clash sound with guitar sampling and was promoted by web-singles "Eternity", "Genetic" and "Just stay tuned". One month off and we are getting to the upgraded studio with new material and new opportunities. I showed Natt some other styles and ideas to work with and our most hard and most pleasant recording session began. In December '04 I came with the brand new solo-album "Raved about it" and 2 tracks from it were taken to "Amsterdam" CD - a one-year-work result. By the New Year we got a chance to write a track for a new clothes-shop "Amsterdam", which name was taken exactly from the same-titled song. Some parties, presentation and we were praised higher than expected. Studio work went on with the idea of anti-pop made with pop. Candy electronica, crazy electrica and energy, dance, sex, money, showbusiness and its fakes - all of them are important parts of 40-minutes brand new long-play called "Amsterdam". This was the most difficult and the most creative year for me, between studio sessions I managed to record the second release of electro-funk and clash "Division". And this year keeps going on and there's a really big events for me and Natt this fall: the universary of SD, the "Amsterdam" album, much promotion and commercials, remix album and eventhough I don't feel tired because the most wonderful thing for us, for me is to get satisfaction from music, even if it's not praised by others. This is what I could never change for anything. .KT 08-2005
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