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Jevgenij Veinberg Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
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One of the best and the only melodic death metal band act in Latvia called Preternatural was formed from the ashes of the local doom metal band in January of 1999 with the line up: Sergey (Vocals, guitar), Vladimir (guitars), Denis (bass), Eugene( drums). At that time the members were really influenced by technical death metal bands, such as Cynic, Death, Neglected Fields, Sadist, and Carcass. So in April of the same '99 the band went to the local "Phoenix" studio, where they recorded their debut demo tape called "Presence". The demo contained 4 tracks of old-death metal school. "Presence" has helped the band to become popular among Latvian headbangers, because of their successful live shows. In the beginning of 2001 their bassist decided to concentrate on his second death metal band Sanctimony, so he left Preternatural. After a couple of months new bassist Eugene V. took Denis's place, and the band started to play in more melodic way, than just technical as earlier. Their new promo CD called "Lifetext" contains 3 tracks of exactly the style the band is going to play in the future. Besides, the new member Vladimir joined the band to be a keyboard player, added a new dark atmosphere to the band. The lyrics of Preternatural are about paranormal phenomena and world's perception through viewpoint of paranormality in metaphorical way.
Инструменты и оборудование
Guitar, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard
"Presence" - 1999 (Demo Record); "Lifetext" - 2002 (Demo Record)
Обновлено 30.06.2003