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One-man project Psycho Emptiness is from Moscow. It exists for quite a long time, though the listeners got the access to it only in spring 2006 after the opening of the official site. this site is still in Russian, but english version is in project. it all started in 2003 when the only participant of this project decided to play Psychodelic-Ambient allone. it all started as following: "At first it was just an experiment. I didn t have any computer-programms for music transformation except for the old keyboard. So, I sat and composed the depressive songs which are in the first albums, then I started improving, that what I keep on doing now". Psyho arts is conceptual and it’s impossible to listen to it without necessary attitude and the mood. Album styles are constantly changing, there is the foundation of psychodelic-Ritual-Ambient. Then comes the transformation into the noice and dark wave. Texts completely conform with the music. The emotions prevail the lyrics, so it’s no use speaking about the vocal pretentious novelties of the project, the vocal is sometimes substituted by moans and wheezes. Sorrow and grief are in any beat, in every pressure ..board, in every groan and moan.
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Gitarre, programming keyboards.
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