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As the darkening sky before me As no time to prepare Salvage a last horizon But no regrets from me. Maybe i'll be back some other day To live agian. Just you can't say In what shape or form that i might be Just another chance for me. A hurried time, no disgrace. Instead of racing to conclusion I'm wishing all my life away No one can stop me now. Time is up. It couldn't last But there's more things i'd like to do. I'm coming back to try agian Someday, maybe i'll wait 'til then. They're all sitting at my table Talking tall and drinking WINE. Their time is up just like me But they just don't know it yet. SO JUST A WORD OF WARNING WHEN YOU'RE IN YOUR DEEPEST DREAMS. THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN HIDE FROM I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU! The clock is fast, the hour is near Eventful past is everclear. My life is set, the time is here. I think i'm coming home. pure deaths from Katherine Jolands S'T M'T LYSTEE!
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