People look for the pleasures
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Between No Distance
people look for the pleasures sometimes losing their minds do they care about the measures coz pleasures are making us blind they only kill the feeling of reality we only come unhappy in the end people look for the pleasures does it give us the mend? people think of tomorrow when the present is lost only gives me the sorrow they never wait for the worst raped and beaten by greediness and hatred burned and sunk in ignorance and lust people think of tomorrow ain’t it crumbled to dust? with their eyes as cold as winter with their eyes as cold as winter people want to be winners but they don’t want the truth coz if you live as a sinner then you have to learn to lose but I don't think you need this information you’ve already missed the mission bell people want to be winners but of the heaven or hell? you can say that I’m funny but I like herbal tea and I like it with honey natural food makes me free some may say it's only an ambition only an excuse if I’m poor I find myself religion a lonely heart to soothe yes you've got so many people never get it in their life but you've got hangover over troubles and you lose your wife people work for the money sometimes working so hard people live for the money is the money your god? but I don't think it's gonna be the reason why you shouldn't think about your soul people die for the money ain’t it too material world?