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"...The music brought here can be called strange at least. Disturbing sounds combined with piano lines and surreal melodies added with a voice with a lot of effects or just screaming. This has very little to do with goth or any other dark genre in the scene. It's rape of music brought with a lot of devotion. This is only for people who are tired of the traditional bands and are happy with calm weird music brought in a punk way." -Darker Than The Bat, Germany. " ...Soaked in reverb and riddled with eerie sounds and whispers, it orbits a galaxy far removed from where most so-called glam/goth bands live; the average Marilyn Manson fan would run shrieking from Strangewalls, which doubtless pleases Jon to no end." -Jim Santos Demo universe, U.S "...The mostly slow paced, haunted sounding sketches create their own world and it is a strange one, indeed. Songs like “Kate In a Hospital Bed” and “Basil’s Song” might have been titled by Edward Gorey (R.I.P.) and strike me as a possible musical counterpart to his ink drawings of sickly, Victorian children who find themselves in various dreadful yet drily amusing predicaments. Many of these songs feature simple, pretty piano figures which are subverted by ominous synthesizers and unsettling lyrics. They are like children’s songs or nursery rhymes gone horribly askew. The vocals circle around themselves in echoey, effects laden layers, creating an ethereal mood. Plink plink goes a pleasant piano, while the voice sometimes rises to a mad moan or howl..." -Laura Markley, The Noise. U.S ..."If You're not from NYC and havn't heard of the Strange Walls, go get some culture and find out whats happening in the dark scary alleys of Manhattan. If you're from NYC and haven't heard of them, then your not really from NYC. AVANT-MINIMALIST-LULLABY-REALGOTH-ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC-FREAKOUT-POSTPUNK!..." ...Horus Churchill Acolyte. Black Hole Society, U.S
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home is where you hang yourself, the infamous red spots
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