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Crepe de chine создает музыку на стыке современного пост-брит-попа и арт-рока Как сюда попасть
Андрей Томин Андрей Томин 
Голос, который невозможно забыть. Как сюда попасть


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Goregrind band from Russia
Hort Ритм-гитара
Fe-Fe Лидер-вокал
KanaliZator Ударные инструменты
ShuTteR Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
LessFox Владелец страницы
Coyote Magazine # 1 (интервью) Coyote Magazine # 3 (интервью)
S.C.A.T. is a goregrind band formed in the west part of Russia (Bryansk) in the summer of 2006. At first there were some problems with the band’s line-up. Only in 2008 the band began the active rehearsals. The first work [EP] “Kill the Swine!” was recorded and self-released in the beginning of 2009 after some local shows in the period of summer-autumn 2008. In the beginning of 2009 a free singer joined the band and added more sick ideas to the music and lives shows. During 2009 S.C.A.T. has taken part in festivals and gigs in Russia and Ukraine. In the summer of 2009 the band went to the studio to record the new stuff called "Stench of Corpse Anal Tract". At the end of 2009 it was released at 2-way Split CD with CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS by RottenRollRex. Later the band had difficulties with a drummer (he served in the RF Army). In the autumn of 2010, when the drummer returned, S.C.A.T. went to studio again and started recording of the debut album "Apopatophobia". It was put out by Coyote Records in March 2011. To be continued...
2009 - Kill the Swine! [EP] (Self-released), 2009 - Stench Of Corpse Anal Tract [Split CD w/ChokedByOwnVomits] (RottenRollRex), 2011 - Apopatophobia [CD] (Coyote Rec.)


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