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Кристина Викторовна Гришанова Лидер-вокал
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UlvKors was founded in 2004. Band`s name translate from Nor. as “Wolves Cross” - the two Odin`s wolves - Gery and Frekey, which also translate as ‘Greedy” and “Gluttonous”. The founders are Siara (Lead Vocals and Bass) and ReginLeif (Keyboards), later to the band joined two guitarists – Bred and QuestQ. During the first half-year the band replenished by drummer Max and by second vocalist Dark. So then band recorded their first demo, which named “Bloodmoon`s Wrath”, whose style may characterize as Atmospheric Black-Metal… Some time later Siara and ReginLeif dismissed all members, but continued work at the album both… Soon drummer Erotica joined to the UlvKors, but then she also left the band… In March 2006 the first album “Pesti`s eram vivus – moriens tua mors ero”, which counting eight tracks have been released… In March 2007 Siara move to the capital of Russia – Moscow. Understanding, that she can`t live without music she recommence her project UlvKors. By chance she meets with musician Thanatos (Bass), who also play in “Morbid Violence” and “Winged Goat”. Then to the band members joined guitarists Aalkssiard (also play in “Massacre Cunts”, “Eretica”, “Formosa Blanka”), Helk ("Alkothron"), with them to the band joined Ginger (Keyboards("Ensomhet")) and the drummer Sat… So then the band went to studio to record a new album. Instead the “Atmospheric Black Metal”, the band decided to play Black/Death Metal with elements of Dark Electro and Industrial. Althroug the coming album shall be a little different, but more furious and brutal, then last band`s works… Total members is: Siara (Lead Vocals) Thanatos (Bass) Aalkssiard (Guitar) Helk (Guitar) Ginger (Keys) Sat (Drums)
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